Tree Removal – Stump Removal

We have a variety of tools and equipment to make stump removal quick and harmless on your land.  We don’t just pull stumps, but we also can haul them away for offsite disposal.  The two most typical ways that we handle the unearthed stumps are:

  • Pile stumps in a location of your choice on the property saving you money from hauling.
  • Haul tree stumps away for disposal off site, leaving your property looking clean.

We also have the ability to relocate trees.  Our specialized excavators remove a large portion of the root system (ball) and lift the entire tree out of the ground.  we then dig a new hole of roughly the same size and replant the tree with enriched soil to help promote new growth and strong root systems.

1 800 Dig Safe

Dig Safe is a free service, funded entirely by its member utility companies.  If you are not sure if utilities may be buried in or around the area where stump(s) will be removed, Dig Safe is called to make sure we are not risking injury or damage to existing utilities.  They will come out to the property and mark out the locations where issues exist. State laws require you to notify Dig Safe for even small projects. Below are links to the Laws and Rules pertaining to each state.

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