Residential & Commercial Lawn Installation

Olofson Landworks was one of the first companies in the area to provide residential and commercial hydroseed lawn installation.  From our experience with various types of lawn installation, including hand seeding and sod installation, we have found that in most cases hydroseeding is by far the better option.

Hydroseeding has been growing in popularity over the years and for good reason.  The ability to custom mix the hydroseed in order to match specific lawn or soil conditions leads to amazing results.  We provide residential and commercial hydroseeding or terraseeding for a variety of projects including baseball fields, soccer fields, along highways to provide erosion control and just about anywhere else you would need lawn installation services.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

  • Cost Effective – Hydroseeding on average costs 50-80% less than sod.  Hydroseeding also takes less than half the time of hand seeding, again saving the client money.
  • Versatility – A hydroseed mixture can be customized to provide the best type of grass for each situation.  This slurry factors in climate, soil conditions, traffic areas and seed type.
  • Aesthetics – Hydroseeding provides a thick uniform lawn, while sod tends to show seams and hand seeding can allow for sparse patchy areas. Hydroseed slurry is dyed green to show the coverage are during installation resulting in a full, lush lawn.
  • Speed – Hydroseeding is quicker to install than sod or hand seeding and is also ready for mowing in 3-4 weeks if properly installed and watered.
  • Erosion Control – The hydroseeding slurry includes tackifiers the help the mixture stick to the ground.  This helps the roots quickly grow into the soil, while also keeping seeds from being blown or washed away.
  • Health & Quality – Seed is mixed into a slurry, creating an ideal microenvironment for germinating seeds.  This custom mixture also allows the grass to better match the soil, avoid erosion, produce deep roots and prevent disease.

Key steps for a healthy lawn.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once the hydroseed is installed, it is best to wait for the application to dry.  This allows for the tack to setup and hold the slurry to the soil.  After that there’s no wrong time to water.

If the temperature is above 70 degrees, watering at least 2 times a day will suffice. If the temperature is above 70 degrees, we advise watering the lawn atleast 3 times a day.

If you are fortunate to have an irrigation system, and we highly encourage installing one, we suggest setting it to as many cycles as possible (4-6 times a day) until germination.

Please avoid watering if heavy rain is in the forecast.

You will begin to see grass in as little as 2 weeks with proper watering.  You will be able to start mowing somewhere around the 6 week mark or once the lawn reaches a height of 4 inches.
It is not required, however regular and consistent watering will be necessary to ensure a healthy lawn.
Spring and Fall are the best times to hydroseed because the weather is not as hot and dry, allowing for the ground to hold moisture better.
The soil should be loose so that the hydroseed can penetrate into the seed bed.
There are no weed seed in the hydroseed slurry.  Any weeds that show after hydroseeding are all germinated seeds that were in the loam when we hydroseeded.  Any open soil will encounter weeds.  The better job you do watering it, the stronger the grass will be which leads to a stronger healthier lawn.  The lawn will then win out over the weeds with proper maintenance and care.
Hillsides or slopes always have a tackifier mixed into the slurry, which acts like a glue to hold soil, seed, and fertilizer together.
You can walk on the lawn once it has dried to a point where your footwear will not stick to the soil.

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